Saturday, December 18, 2010

Auspicious date? Not.

All chinese thinks that the number 18 is really auspicious.

i beg to differ.

today, i woke up to an empty cage.

my bunnie is missing. i don't know if Bunnie has been a victim of a cat attack or ran away or she had been kidnapped. i don't know but i ruled out cat attack since the cage did not move an inch.

so it is either she ran away...or.. someone climbed over the gate and stole my gray furball from me.

18/12/2010 Goodbye Bunnie. I'll always remember that my first Bunnie was a gray one with blue-gray eyes. =(

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life is like that.

It has been a great semester break. quality time spent with ben and my family. and also the best birthday celebration ever! :) i can't wait for christmas and new year's eve celebration!

anyway, i am sure you guys have read about this guy called Alviss Kong who posted his facebook status of wanting to commit suicide and later on really DID actually jumped off a building, all in the name of love. *sigh* regarding that matter, i felt sort of sad reading it. i mean, i don't know the victim himself but then to know that there are a lot of people who liked his status and encouraged him to do it, hello, where is your sanity? where is your humanity? where is your compassion?

he did it because he was left by his ex whom he pursued for a few months and got rejected a few times by that same person before getting accepted. what i think is that, he was really.. silly.

being in love feels great, being rejected feels like shit. that is the truth. but if a person live through the pain of breaking up, not only he/she becomes stronger, he/she becomes wiser and mature in handling a new relationship.

that was just his second relationship. i wonder why his friends or family didn't talked him out of it. and if they did why did they not stop him or make sure he was not on top of that building?

it failed. he should have thought that there are many other girls out there who could have been better or could have love him for who he is. who knows that the next one that comes along might actually be the key to his happiness for the rest of his life? what is there in life that does not offer him hope at all? 22 years old is too young to go. all the what-ifs are never discovered. all the hopes and dreams not fulfilled. all in the name of being rejected by the one person he loved.

sometimes, before we do a rash decision, think about it. what is it that ticked us off so badly that we have to resort to such decision? and when that rash decision is a bad one, think of the possibility of something better in the future, or that your life could have been worse like those of in poverty, hunger and etc. and that sometimes, that decision could badly affect others.

him jumping off the building, i bet his ex is totally guilt ridden now. and it was in fact, also a selfish act. to put her to all the pain of knowing that he jumped off because of her.

at times we've got to be optimistic. it is all about perception. we may be down right now, but we will not be so forever. it has its ups and downs. life is just like that.

whatever it is, i hope he is in a better place. and she will find her peace.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The best therapy ever is :


A total stress reliever that you don't have to pay and not see the item. Retail therapy, you pay and you own the item that makes you happy. *loves*

Bought a pair of running shoes from Sketchers and *jeng jeng jeng* RM350 worth of books at the BIG BAD WOLF sale, which is around 25++ books. And i finally get to lay my hands on Lie To Me season 2 and True Blood season 4.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

And I Pray

If people were to ask me, what religion do i profess, i'll say "I am a free thinker."

but now, it's like the eleventh hour, and i just realize, i have been reading. yes i have been but i haven't been memorizing nor remembering so now i pray..

"dear lord, god, buddha, allah, please give me super memory to remember all the cases and please help me survive tomorrow's traumatizing test paper, thank you very much."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


" Maybe life is a DREAM and we WAKE UP when we're DEAD!"

- Charlie Crews from LIFE

Silence and Perfection.

A random thought of all the quotes i used to love so much when i was 17.

"You can hear a glass being broken, a window being smashed, a plastic bottle crunched but what you can't hear is when a heart is shattered into million pieces."


"a broken mirror shall never meet perfection."

i come up with,

"the one thing that breaks and as silent as the snow falling is the heart. you can hear everything but that is the one thing you can't hear. and like a mirror, once broken, it may never meet perfection anymore."

Monday, October 18, 2010


Finals is coming and i am lazying.


Catched Buried with Ck, Darren, Ivan, Sandra and Bennie on Saturday evening at E@Curve. It was TERRIBLE. The storyline is *&^%$#! But then, it is undeniable that Ryan Reynolds played the distressed character well. It is a rather dark movie i think. And obviously, the cheapest production ever from Hollywood too. Urgh. Saw the trailer for Rise of the mummy, from that, i've concluded that is NOT a B grade movie but a C grade. =/

Silly old me bought Tamagochi at version 5.5 for rm20. NO DIFFERENCE from ver 5.0. I got ripped off. again.

oh well, i guess life is about ripping people off and getting ripped off.

on a random note, i think i need a haircut. (._.") and have i told you that,

i LOVE bunnie? I <3 <3 <3 Bunnieeeee! KYAHHHHH!